Death Guard Primarch Mortarion Completed!

There were some aspects of this model I just wasn’t happy with and had to go back and retouch. I keep revisiting him but that’s it… he’s done, and he’s ready to take the war to the Imperium.


Mort + Bodyguard top

Mortarion descends with his Deathshroud Bodyguard near by.

Mort + Bodyguard Wing Spread

Mortarion’s wing span… vile as ever.

The wings were something I revisited several times. I wanted them dingy, but there’s a tendency with Nurgle/Death Guard to get dark and bleak. I wanted to have highly contrasting colours in the transitions; greens, purples, etc. The dead flesh base colour on the wings worked as a nice neutral palette for the effect.


Mort +close up Silence

Mortarion’s scythe; Silence.

Again to add contrast to all those neutral tones, I went with an iridescent glow on Mortarion’s weapon of choice.


Mort + Bodyguard1

Mortarion’s Bodyguards are quite capable in their own right.

I’ve had games where these guys butcher the backlines of the Imperium’s finest… good times.

Mort + Bodyguard close1

A close up of the bodyguard.


Mort +full front

Mortarion drifting by.

Mortarion + Crew

And Finally a shot of Mortarion with some of the Death Guard Heavy Hitters.

Thank you for checking this out. The army is nearing completion!


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