A Very Short Black Legion Battle Report: Best Intentions gone wrong!

So we had the game… crazy, crazy game.

This is the thing. I took a list I’ve taken to ITC GTs and it performed very lethargically.  My “Black Legion” pure, Daemonic Engine list typically does very, very poorly. I even added Terminators to it to make it just a little bit worse (I took out Chaincannon Havocs to do so!)

However… my Dark Angel opponent took something I completely did not expect…. Pure Ravenguard. Which, to be 100% honest, is a HORRIBLE match up for him. Every attack my Disco’s do is going to pop a bike on an unsaved wound. 90% of his shots aside from a Lascannon Dread, and his Black Knights seemed like a Bolter, firing into a T6 model with a 2+ save.

This is how it looked:

It’s Dawn of War, and I have first turn. We’ve been playing Maelstrom but trying a new ITC rule where there is NO SEIZE roll.  I deploy right on the front line.

Turn 1: I’m right into him. My Havocs (I Only took one squad and left the Chaincannons out of the list.) and my Baleflamers manage to kill off all of his Plasma bikers. The -1 to hit Darkshroud did make it difficult, as I had to double shoot the Havocs to barely finish off the last bike to the man, and get a kill.

– My first turn charge results in a really weird exchange. I blow a CP so I can take my one advanced Disco and do this but it results in me being able to kill 5 Intercessors. He pops Transhuman Physiology which made a HUGE difference to his losses. However in his turn with his 5 guys remaining, he uses two strats. One causes 6’s to hit to proc an extra attack. The other strat says 6’s to hit, auto wound. 

I’m not kidding you… he must have hit and wounded me 18 times! But on a 2 + save I fail 3 times. 

He ends up really backed up now and I have the whole goon squad of Daemon Engines creeping up on him.

Honestly even though T1 went really well for me, I did know what to expect, as he did have a plethora of HQ’s waiting in the wings, including Sammael.

– Well this is after his turn.  What you see is Sammael made one massive mistake. He split his attacks between 2 Disco’s. I told him not to do it…. he admitted it was not a great idea, but was swinging for the fences at this point. Sure enough he leaves my 1 damaged Disco on ONE WOUND!  He also surrounded that damaged Disco with 5 Bikers. So before they swing, I interrupt, and kill all 5 bikes. 

– Then from the other side, his other squad of bikers attacks my healthier Disco, and they only do about 4 wounds after all is said and done. In return my Disco destroys that 5 man biker unit out right.

– So in my turn I feel pretty bad…. this wasn’t what I was intending. But I pull back a bit with some units, I don’t charge everything in, but I get stupid lucky with my Oblits and in one volley I somehow destroy the Dark Shroud without any re rolls (this never happens).

– Abaddon comes in with Plasma Termies, and they get super lucky and kill another squad of Intercessors. It just went really bad from there. Venom Crawlers do their thing and it’s just brutal.

– He retailiates and kills 2 of the Disco Lords from shooting! But at this point it’s all but over.

I don’t know how this happened… a really, really bad match up. I’m used to armies standing in ruins and laughing at my Daemon Engine army. I intentionally thought it would go this way again, but it went so far in my favour I felt like I couldn’t roll a ‘1’ with a hundred dice. It was just that kind of game.

So there you have it. My best intentions went sideways. We realized after he probably would have had a better time if I just did my typical “Eldar” or my typical “AdMech”. It’s so funny how I brought out something that’s been massively unsuccessful in a competitive sense, and it happens to be the perfect counter to his experimental list!

Next time I hope to have a closer game with a little more to talk about!

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