White Scars Hobby Update: Impulsors Completed (with WIPs)

Hope everyone is having fun out there. I’m still moving on my ‘army in a month’ and although I took a break to play some games and do some eldar, I still have kept on track and completed the 2 Impulsors for the White Scars!

People have asked me how ‘dirty’ the vehicles are with Washes. Here you can see with the Army Painter washes I’ve left them quite dirty! This is cleaned up later with the airbrush.
Now you can see post airbrush clean up with bone+white, then white, I then apply decals before adding all the damage.
All done here with the shield domes and Impulsor grid lit up.
So we’re off to the races with these bad boys.

I think Impulsors are a really fun model to paint, and far more usable with an army like White Scars. (It’s really a shame Deathwatch never got them in their ‘new’ rules).

Anyway, I had two recent games with White Scars and my Eldar as well. Really interesting results I have to upload shortly. 🙂

Thanks for checking in,


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