Quick Hobby Update

I didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t still working through some projects, so here is a quick update:

  • I want to finish a full squad of 10 Scarab Occult Termies. I basically like to do them in halves to keep the trim a little easier. Mine typically start on the GW magic stick with Macragge Blue primer.
Post washes. But without the clean up work.
  • This is a WIP, post airbrush clean up, of the Impulsors I’m doing for the Scars. Got a few games in with them now and I think they will definitely stay.

Finally we have some new Axe Wraiths from the Eldar/Craftworlds. I figure it’s time to get them to 10 models.

  • Varnish is applied to these models, before the wash is applied. This is different from my White Scars as I want these to be neater.

With some lighter colours applied, I’m ready to highlight the 5 new Wraiths.

At the same time I decided to work on some of the transitions on the Ynncarne and finally just call her done!

She’s a keeper, ain’t she?

Not quite the girl you want to take home to mom, but I loved the sculpt from day one. I just can’t get her to work in my style of Craftworlds list (I know Sean Nayden and others use her heavily with Harlequins.)

I have also had a few more games with the White Scars including a crazy, back and forth slog fest vs the Blood Angels which was no joke.

I hope to have the full batrep up in the next day or two, work permitting.

Thanks for checking in on the blog.


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