Prot Doing the White Scars!

Finally a proper hobby update!

Here is my first squad of Incursors. Again it’s been a really fun and different style for me.

And here is a White Scars Phobos Lt. to go with them.

And just because the previous picture was so bad, here’s the Lt. with the Khan.

Once again my goal here is to get this army playable ASAP. 

Right now I have a mess of models that I ordered the week that GW closed their stores down. So I’m sitting on a mini mountain of plastic trying to get 2K done from scratch. Ouch.

I have been getting regular games in still and am enjoying the very unique playstyle this kind of army is giving me.

I think the hobby side has been refreshing. I prefer the battle worn look for my dudes, whereas my Ultra’s always kind of looked like they just stepped out of the factory. Not that there’s anything wrong about that but when you’ve painted as many armies as I have, this is a refreshing change of pace.

Technique wise I feel I found what I need in a weird place…. GW’s Wraithbone Primer for their Contrast paints provides a very slight ‘egg shell’ or light beige base. But more importantly it disperses the combination of black and brown Army painter washes I’m using. Much better than on pure “normal” primer.

Then I go in after with a zenithal white highlight with the airbrush, then get in and drity the model up with some oils, and a sponge chipping, which is touched up manually with brushwork. Then I can get in and finish all the details on the armour, guns, skin, whatever else.

I hope I can make this work on the table top. So far it’s been touch and go.

I have a few games scheduled this week. I work in technology so my work is flexible at this time. I normally don’t know who I’m playing before hand but this week it looks like: Death Guard, and Blood Angels.

Blood Angels might be a nightmare match up for me. I think they’ll hit a lot harder than me until T3. Interesting match up for sure. 

Thanks for checking it out.


  • Unexpected change of pace! But Scars are awesome, these marines are looking great (what a process getting to that white! but I love how grimy and ‘in the shit’ it looks). Incursors are easily my least favorite marine Primaris variant – stupid half-bare heads, stupid backpack scanners, meh guns – but I do like stasis mines a lot and I think going White Scars with them is brilliant. It never made sense to me why they had those paired blades, and like Reavers they just sorta drove home how dumb grimdark modeling can be (HUGE knives with no AP??), however Assault Doctrine pushing them to AP1 and D2? Now that’s suddenly a thing!

    So anyway, I want to hear more of their antics, good luck crushing through to 2k. Very curious what that list is evolving to look like.

    • Thank you. Some interesting comments. I think the Incursors are interesting, but my belief is they are wildly under utilized because of many of the reasons you mentioned. However I think with White Scars I get a unique opportunity to make them work. If Khan is near, they are +1 to their to wound rolls. Now since they also have inherently exploding 6’s, then with the Stratagem Gene Forged Might, I get an additional exploding hit, and they all auto wound. This has been my goto with them. I’m also using Aggressors for now, but I do think “Encirclement” (outflank) and Assault Centurions would be stronger. For now it’s been a fun change of pace. I’ve been really enjoying their background as well as Chris Wraight as written a lot of it, and I really like him. Hopefully some more stuff to come shortly.

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