Yncarne Completed.

A difficult figure to work with. Over all I love the sculpt and although there are some ‘weird’ decisions made on the sculpt, I do like the aesthetic. I’m terrified of traveling with it though.

Yncarne time. I’m really happy with the end result. It’s a difficult fig to work with.

Energy field and hair… that’s what 90% of the figure is!
I went with the dual short sword option as I like the aesthetic. A ‘yin-yang’ sort of pose with the Drukarri sword and Craftworld sword opposing.
Soooo many spiritstones!

A little WIP here of me using Contrast paints (made my own contrast purple paint with inks and diluted paint with strong pigment) just to get a feel for the coolness of the colour spectrum I wanted:

Thanks for looking!

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