Hobby Update of the Damned: New Thousand Sons, and a Sorcerer.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update with some new painted stuff. These aren’t the best pictures but the timing is good since the release of “Ritual of the Damned” (Book 4 in the Psychic Awakening series).

Starting with the man himself; Ahriman.

He took a lot longer than I wanted, but he’s pretty much in every list so it’s worth it!

I finally finished some Rubrics. Unfortunately there’s some poorly lit shots here. I’ll try to retake them shortly:

All is Dust on a planet of Dust.

And of course some Scarab Occult Terminators:

Again, really bad lighting, but this was just before a game.

I think this army takes an exceptionally long time to paint. While it does have room for creativity, there is a high technical level required by this very ornate armour.

And this is what a game looks like with the new Thousand Sons. Lots of sorcery going on here!
Check out the homemade tokens

I decided with all the new Cults and powers I had to keep better track of who had what casted on what. It’s twice as confusing as it sounds. Hopefully these homemade Tokens make life a little easier.

Thanks for having a look!



  • Prot! New Sons look grand, well done pushing through all that filigree.

    Thanks for keeping up the blog, in particular sharing your games. I’m happy to see you back on Tzeentch and really digging into the new rules, look forward to more of the same.

    • Thanks Salvage. I appreciate the comment. I’m trying to be better about posting battle reports. I’ve had about 6 games with the new rules and am having varied results. More to come.. hopefully. 🙂

  • Great work on Ahriman, I like the purple robes especially!

  • Great stuff! The robes on Ahriman look pretty amazing.

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