Roboute Guilliman Arrives. Finally completed painting the Primarch of the Ultramarines

I’m not going to waste time with words… it’s time for the man of action himself. I’m not going to lie; this model was started and stopped several times. So I’m just really glad to have him done!

The OSL flame reflect on the armour was… time consuming but I’m happy with it.

This was actually my second Guilliman. Since this is my third Ultramarines army (my first one was sold well before Guilliman existed in model form), I decided it would be the last Guilliman I paint. He’s a real time sink.

Most of the sword is not air brushed, unlike my first Guilliman.

I honestly don’t know if he’s really good enough for competitive play since his downgrade in the newest Ultramarines supplement, but I’m definitely using him.

So that’s it for the big man with the Emperor’s sword. I enjoyed painting him a lot and this is a figure I took ‘risk’ with and I think it paid off. Thanks for having a look. I think the next update is worth a look at the whole Ultramarines army. – Prot

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