Hobby Update: Ultramarines Invictus Warsuits painted!

Two hobby updates in one week? What is going on? Is Prot unemployed? Is he on a drinking and painting binge? Perhaps both….

Today I bring you one of the units people hopped all over on the NuMarines realease 2.0, the Invictus Warsuit. While a lot of people thing this is an amazing unit, and some are taking 3, I’m not sold on them being a ‘must’ use unit. They are good, they have a place, but they are also fragile, and no one likes a unit this big being deployed right in their face.

I feel at this point playing them quite a few times it’s often best to be a bit conservative with them. I find both weapons have a place; it may change the role of the unit dramatically, but it keeps the unit flexible. Anyway… on to the pics:

I built the units to be fairly pose-able and used both head types in the ‘roll cage’.
So here you see the alternate weapon. I magnetized both gun arms.
Did a little bit of ‘burn’ action on the weapons.
More weathering than usual…

I figured these guys did a lot of ‘quiet’ walking in bushes, jungles, urban terrain since they can infiltrate. So I did a bit more weathering, and applied a healthy amount of damage, as well as good ol’ Forgeworld powder to the limbs and base work.

Thanks for checking this out. I hope you’re getting your Warsuits on the table painted as well. (I admit the kit grew on me a bit after painting it. )



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