Hobby Update: Two Telemon Dreadnoughts.

I have been working on a lot of stuff at once. Eldar / DrunkEldar (whatever they’re called) are also getting updates and a new box as I write this.

In the mean time here’s some photos of what I’ve been working on!

What fantastic sculpts. I absolutely love these models.

I guess I’ve done this just in time for the nerf? The points went up, and I think the main weapon changed… I’m not sure but the community seems decidedly negative on the changes.

I did magnetize the army options, but haven’t painted the other weapon types yet.

I went with a very rustic look. If my memory serves the ancient killing machines are constructs that are made to house Custodes warriors that are essentially volunteers to serve the rest of their lives encased in these war machines. (Unlike Astartes Dreadnoughts which have near dead servants of the Emperor plugged into them.)

Although I’d love to use both, they are pretty cost prohibitive.

I decided to go with a slight ‘glow’ on my Custodes units instead of my typical brighter, mutli layered approach. The era and age of these units just made me feel like this was a better option.

After seeing them all together, I think I will be going back to the shoulder pauldrens and adding battle damage. The metals are heavily aged with multiple layers of mixed metallics and different washes.

FYI: if you’re interested in how I do the aged metal approach please see the following tutorial: https://prot40k.blog/2018/03/27/adeptus-custodes-easy-airbrush-tutorial/

I went with a dim glow to the ancient warriors.

So I am anxious to play these guys. I highly doubt I can get the pair into a pure Custodes list (I prefer to play them pure. At most I’ll use an AdMech Battalion.).

Let me know what you think. How do you use these guys with consideration to what the new Marines can do, and all those heinous Xenos out there!

Thanks for looking.


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