Hobby Update: Ultramarines Chaplain and Tigurius

I’ve been working on so many different 40k Projects I decided it was time to finish up a few of the big characters that are featured in a lot of my Ultramarine batreps.

Recently I showed the awesome Lieutenant my friend from D6Evolution (shout out to Wes again) sent me from the UK:

And to add to that, we finally have the considerably more useful Chaplain:

Eat your supper or take a wack from the beatstick!

He was actually a quicker paint for me. I’ve been using my Black Recipe from Black Legion and the cloak was a lot of fun and I did some goofy things with it but I think it all worked out fine.

After I wack things with my stick, I like to write it down in this book.

The thing about the cloak is that it can look -very- similar in tonal quality to the armour. I did not like the lack of contrast and although it took more time I decided to lighten up the bottom of the cloak and the ridges or waves of fabric. This (to me) added a much needed contrast so it would still pop a bit on the table top!

He was a lot of fun to do and feels a little stronger on the table top than my Apostle.

Next up is one of my favourite characters in the Ultramarine’s lore, Tigurius:

What an upgrade! This staff looks so much better to me than the old one. Yet an homage was paid to the original with all the references to the original, like the banner.

TIgurius was complicated. I wanted some scarred armour, and I elected to stay consistent with my Primaris Librarian and give him glowing eyes as opposed to pupils.

“Thy staff glows with the power of something probably Necron in design, but I will deny it for the Xenos are foul beasts.”

So I went with a glow on the Rod head… sorry it’s a little better in person but blown up you can see it’s a bit out of focus. Tiggy’s head is also a glow with deep thought as he considers his next magic trick.

Someone asked me about the positioning of the staff but as you can see the notched shoulder pad keeps the staff perfecting perpendicular with the ground.
An extreme close up of the unnatural glow of the immaterium reflecting off of Tiggy’s hand on to his robe. I’m sure he’s just conjuring up a warp heated cup of coffee.

So there’s a few figs I spent some time on. Right now I’m working on:

Adeptus Mechanicus (4 Ironstrider Ballstarii, and the Dunestider transport)

Ultramarines (A pair of the new Invictus Warsuits)

Black Legion (I made a small tweak to a fig to make my own Ghorisvex’s Teeth Lord)

Chaos Knights (I’m working on the two matching War Dogs to go with my Tyrant/Valiant)

Thanks for checking this out!


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