Space Marines Hobby Update: Repulsors and Executioner Repulsors

So I am writing up one of the battle reports for a game I had using the new rules. It’s a big different I have to say. But for now I wanted to finish some of the models I’ve had lingering for a while. Just as I write this GW has announced a marked increase in points for the new and old Repulsor. It’s really disappointing as this is the only was one way I had to use new Primaris tech and still give a Knight a real problem or two to deal with. Using 2-3 Repulsors was becoming a ‘thing’ though and GW decided to bonk that on the head wit a 30 point per model increase, adding 90 points to the cost of my basic list. (I really wish they’d be a little more exact with their points before going to market with an item.)

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll still use (less) of them in games though. Here’s what I finished:

Three of these babies get a lot of attention on the table top.

I started magnetizing the underside of the model so it ‘carries’ the base with it when you pick it up. I found the current base system a little awkward to move for such a big model. Magnetizing did wonders for this.

Decaled up, and weathered, I really like how they turned out.

The original Repulsor will still probably be around in my games as even with the new Space Marines codex, it’s the only way to transport 10 Primaris models.

Most of the turrets are still swappable, and all the sponsons are magnetized on the Repulsor.

So I’m glad these are done and ready for the new releases. Next up I want to finish the Primaris Intercessor squad(s) this week hopefully to prepare for the pre orders on Saturday! Thanks for checking in. – Prot.

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