Chaos Hobby Update and Tactics: The Lord Discordant

Oh how nice one of these can be, but three is the magic number.

Let’s get to the fun stuff right away… I finally finished perhaps one of my favorite models of the new Chaos line up; my THIRD Lord Discordant!!!

They aren’t the funnest models to paint. The trim is (as all NEW Chaos trim is) VERY labor intensive. The models aren’t too flexible so you are making minor adjustments to the the helmeted Hellstalker’s head. And perhaps some flair on the Rider’s flag as I have done to establish the ‘leader’.

And here he is. The ‘star flag’ helps set him out.

Defining the Leader:

So you may notice he only has a minor adjustment compared to my other two; this Disco Lord has purle/pink flairs on his robe, and the shoulder pads on the Hellstalker he’s riding. Also the flag is detailed differently with a star field showing the corruption of the Cicatrix Maledictum (sorry I don’t have a close up.)

Here you can see the head a little better which has minor detail differences from his brethren.

And finally let’s get a group shot in!

The “purple” Leader does have a swappable Baleflamer/Autocanon.

Like I said these can be some very labor intensive models compared to a ‘rhino’ or ‘predator’. The new way GW does the trim means it’s everywhere and far less raised off of the surface than it used to be. (The difference between sculpting and 3D digital rendering is very apparent.) But now that they’re done I can say it was a labour of love. Love for creepy vehicles and destruction… speaking of destruction.

Lord Discordant Tactics and Build Ideas for your Chaos Army.

I’ve played a lot of competitive games with these guys and I’d like to share my favourite ways of using them in short, and then we can work towards ways of expanding these ideas. But first let’s define the obvious role of the Lord Discordant.

  • Speed, disruption, anti-vehicle and buffing.

It’s great to have a unit that is mutli role and hits a point value that is reasonable. I personally think the Lord Discordant is actually priced appropriately which is not the case for a lot of Chaos units. The Venomcrawler I still think is pointed a little high when compared to the Defiler which is unfortunate because the Venomcrawler is another great model.

Back to the Lord Discordant what we see from the role is we definitely need 2-3 in our lists to have any decent strategy surrounding them. The speed is nice, and we can enhance it in multiple ways but I don’t want this article getting too long. But in short the variables I recommend for your consideration are:

  1. Though not necessary, consider the Soulforged Pack (Vigilus Ablaze) Specialist Detachment for speed purposes (it’s a Command Point hungry strategy though.)
  2. Chapter or Legion choice. This is important but not obvious. Red Corsairs for instance can get your supporting units there very quickly. Advancing + Charging is strong in the right list. BUT Black Legion detachments will have access to some great strats. Also Flawless Host (my favourite) is great for exploding 5’s and 6’s. Against Imperium even more so. Other Renegade Legion traits work well too depending on your list so this may not be an obvious choice. Just remember that Renegade Legions MAY NOT use the Veterans of the Long War Stratgem.

The Lord Discordant Basic Detachment Considerations

It’s very easy to solve, or at least start your army with a stand alone detachment. Supreme Command Detachment (+1 CP) and add 3 Lord Discordants. This is flexible as you can have whatever Chaos Legion you think best suits your Detachment and it will fit in well with whatever Chaos Legion you choose for your other Detachment(s).

With 3 Disco Lords running around you already have a front line that can catch people off guard.

Whatever the detachment you choose for your Lord Discordants, I say you need 2 minimum, preferably 3 because they actually are quite killable. This is a strong balancing factor (I believe) in their cost. While they don’t go down to small arms fire easily (2+ save) they can be shot at instantly with 12 wounds a piece (meaning your opponent can ignore the character rule). Also at a mere Toughness 6, a lot of the very popular medium firepower, multi damage weapons can make a mess of these guys quickly.

Supporting Ideas: Building around the Lord Discordant(s)

So we have our starting detachment. The core of 3 Disco Lords, or perhaps you take just 2, and add a Daemon Prince with a psychic power to help them out (always a solid choice and he would have two fast, reliable body guards). Or perhaps you’ve made the Disco Lords the HQ choices in your Battalion. Here are some supporting ideas that I’ve chosen as “Plug n’ Play” options for your army (I have tested/played all of these myself.)

  • Kytan Ravager: Add a simple Kytan to your detachment. The Kytan shares the Legion keyword, and Chaos Daemon, and Daemon Engine keywords. The Kytan has the distinction of non-deteriorating WS/BS and the Disco Lords mean he hits on 2’s. This is a synergy that Chaos Knights do not have.
  • Master of Possession: MoP’s are fun units. Many of their powers compliment Daemon Engine units of any sort. For example, “Sacrifice” not only heals Disco Lords, but also Kytans, or a Brass Scorpion. The MoP comes equipped with a choice of great tool box powers for Daemon Engines.
  • Forgeworld Dreads: While the Deredeo is getting a lot of attention the Decimator is an example of a ‘daemon engine’ that fits in nicely with all the above for obvious reasons.
  • Basic Daemon Engines: The codex had some lackluster units in it that are now slightly more potent thanks to the combo of all the above (including the Vigilus Ablaze Soulforge Pack Detachment): This includes: Defilers, Venomcrawlers, Maulerfiends, Forgefiends, and yes even Heldrakes!
Know your role! Venomcrawlers: Good at taking overwatch. Bad at washing dishes.

At the end I’d say palytesting is a big one with your Daemon Engines as knowing the role, and order of operation is paramount for success. You also have to adjust your list to keep in mind some of the weaknesses that Daemon Engines have. For example Knights chew up Disco Lords. They are characters and will Death Grip the crap out of your Disco Lords so plan accordingly. Make sure you can handle armies that hide on tables with lots of ruins where you can’t go. Same goes for Deldar Flyer lists. Those can make for awkward match ups!

I hope you got something out of this. if not, hopefully the pictures suffice! I am just happy to have 3 of these puppies ready to roll! Thanks for checking it out. – Prot.

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