Some 40K Considerations and Downtime after ITC.

Had some great test games with Ultra, but ultimately couldn’t take them to the GT.

So before I go through arduous task of reporting day two of the 6 game ITC tournament I attended I thought I’d just throw a ‘status’ type post up.

What I’ve been working on:

  • Possessed. I have a list that is risky, and perhaps not ultimately competitive but it features a -2 to hit Possessed squad (either using it with Black Legion or as a side detachment of Red Corsairs).
  • Thousand Sons. An old love of mine. The models still hold their looks, but it’s really hard to build up something you sold and remain intrigued by it.
  • Ultramarines. I’m still attached to these guys even though it’s arguably not worth it for how little has changed for them over the past.. 6 months? The ITC event kind of showed that to me as well. Still I love the look of the Shadowspear Marine stuff.
  • Custodes. Oh how I love these guys and just got a new Caladius tank with the assistance of a friend in the U.K. But playing them… not so sure.
More Gold to work on!

What I’m playing:

Believe it or not as much as I play 40K, I set a new record by the end of tomorrow…. 9 Games in 7 days. (Could have been 10 but someone bailed.) This includes the tournament of course!

Custodes: My intent was to perhaps move back into completing this army for a future event or Kill Team, but in Kill Team they just seem really awkward. Is it just me or are they nearly un-killable, but can’t really score well?

Anyway beyond that I wanted to re-finish them. I’ve made good progress and probably won’t sell this army. However in playtesting I’ve found a bizarre love/hate with what I’d call (more or less) “Pure Custodes”.

This game was 2 days ago. A very typical competitive match up VS. Tau.

So I’m playing an AdMech (Graia for the psyker deny) battalion with a Custodes foot based army. I tried my new units:

Trajann, Shield Capt. on Dawn Eagle *Superior Creation

3 x 3 Custodians (1 shield each squad)

1 Telemon with 2 Storm Cannons, 1 Caladius tank.

3 Bikes

1 Banner dude with Magnifica (-1 to hit aura)

The game was a typical grind. I had one piece of serious terrain between me, and his army. I think he would have won. We were playing a Maelstrom games (-6 cards of your choice sure helps) and we played the one where you can discard two of your 3 cards for a single, bonus point Objective. (It keeps the game going and there’s rarely an excuse for a ‘bad draw’.

This is what my inevitably turn me off of Custodes. Basically the competitive meta is still largely shooty. So with foot based Custodian troops you find you spend a lot of time advancing in a -1 to hit blob, peeling off the odd unit just to see if you can steal/snag something along the way.

The Tau was smashing me pretty hard, and I lost the bikes early, and half of the Telemon. I was hanging in on points every turn and took a huge risk doing a “Stooping Dive” with my Shield Captain twice in the game. The second time I did it, I was right in the heart of all his ridiculously fishy shooting.

Stooping Dive is certainly janky but it’s all I got.

So the plethora of drones were so difficult for me to remove. With only a few left I do a second Stooping Dive strat, using fly I land behind this Broadside squad and hit the (hidden) unit behind this tower/can. Then I consolidate into the Broadsides since they do not have fly.

Of course he pulls back the Broadsides, and I take a MASSIVE amount of fire power. This is what I expected but I was getting shot up so badly with mutli wound, low AP weapons (Cyclonic launchers are just so good.) So I take on fire power from 3-4 squads using Montka or whatever (Riptide had re roll all to hit and to wound).

Long story short I still have my Telemon who is about to score me 2 points to put me in the lead (I went second), but he fears the Shield Captain. He puts 9 wounds into me that each do 2 damage. I have 3 wounds left on the Shield Captain.

I pass 2 saves, fail the 3rd. I Command Reroll the save and go on to make 7 saves on a 3+ in a row. He was (rightfully) incredulous at this result and in my turn I would assault these units and he would concede.

As exciting as this sounds, it’s what a lot of my ‘pure’ custodes games come down to and it’s a little boring, and sometimes frustrating.

I had a few AdMech Games as well.

I made a list on the fly as I was on the road and had about half of my Admech with me! So I used two Mars Batallions and a Knight Auxillary of 2 Armigers. Basically it was Cawl, Dominus, and the new Manipuls for range, 2 Destroyer units, 2 Kastellan bot units of 2 (which was 2 shooty bots, and 2 boxing bots.) The rest was filler mostly, and of course some Servitors and a 10 man Corpuscarii Priests. (Almost forgot I took a Vindicare sniper).

It’s Maelstorm and I go first. There’s a TON of terrain at this venue and I have a lot of blocked line of sight. I move my two Armigers up his flank to take down some Rhino’s (I’m surprised people don’t use more Rhino’s). I maybe damage a rhino down to half wounds from their firepower combined and I needed that Objective.

Here the Armigers lead the Corpuscari Priests… to victory?

The Death Guard are shockingly shooty. In his turn his army punches back a bunch of stuff. (all I killed was single Foetid Bloat Drone!)

As you can see the Armigers lead the Priests to their death. Unbelievable.

So his Daemon Prince with Wings is flying up the flank, and you can see what I mean about the terrain. I can barely move bots up and he’s largely over stuffed this flank because of the terrain.

His Predator, and infantry squads combine plasma and Blight Launchers to kill both Armigers! I’ve put my Robots into emergency shooty protocol. This is not good. Not only that but I killed 4 of my own Destroyers with overcharged plasma (even with concervative re rolls from Cawl!)

Death Guard Daemon Princes just ruin everything.

At the end of the game my two shooty Kastellans saved the day just by dying slowly enough that I could kill most of his infantry, Bloat Drones, Dreadnought and Terminators. He made a HUGE mistake with his Blightlord Terminators and dropped them on the wrong side of the board in turn 3 or else I’m sure he would have won.

Let’s talk about my Vindicare:

  • Turn 2 rolls a 1 to hit. CP re roll =1.
  • Turn 3 rolls a 1 to hit. CP re roll =1!!!
  • Turn 4 Rolls a 1 to hit. CP re roll a 2!!!!!! Rolls a 1 to wound.

Wow does this guy need to clean his goggles.


It feels good to get 3-4 non tournament games in the mix. I missed some of these armies and I find after a tournament it’s good to flex your muscles with some variety. You sometimes realize you’ve ‘imagined’ something being better or worse than it really is.

Sometimes you can miss an army and you put some reps in with it and realize there’s a reason you had a messy break up.

I am admittedly stubbornly addicted to some ideas. My Ultramarines are one of those. My Chaos Black Legion is another. (I simply can’t figure out a real competitive build with them right now.)

So I have a few more games scheduled shortly, and I hope to have day two of the Black Legion ITC efforts up soon.

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