ITC Tournament Considerations… Black, Gold or Blue?

I normally don’t do posts of me thinking out loud, but I wondered if I’d get any feedback.

This year an ITC event has snuck up on me and I’m trying to figure out what I could bring that’s painted. The problem is the last ITC event I was at I did well enough, but I sold 3-4 armies that I had painted. (Yes, that’s armies, not models). This has left me with a lot of work to do over the last 12 months.

The Contenders:

Black Legion:

  • Black Legion: I’ve done a lot of testing with a lot of lists, and used all of the formations in the Vigilus Ablaze book numerous times. Some of this stuff works, some of it doesn’t. My favorites include:
  • Devastation Battery: Keep it simple. 1 CP and if your opponent goes first, shoot at him after he moves for an additional CP.
  • I really like: Daemonkin Ritualists in a Brigade but I don’t believe the big squad idea really works. I like it in a smaller 10 man squad and just use the Warlord Trait if I can get away with it.
  • My favourite right now is the Soulforged Pack.

I don’t think I can make the Daemonkin work-

Daemonkin are fun.. but a fickle crowd.

If I take Daemonkin I’m looking at painting about 10 possessed in a week. The list itself probably isn’t that competitive.

The Soulforged Pack looks better to me. This revolves around:

Two Battalions of Cultists and most of the ‘Soulforged” stuff is: 2x Venomcrawlers, 2 x Lord Discordants, ,and a support group of 3 Oblits, a squad of Havocs, Abaddon, and Master of Possession.

Are 2 Venomcrawlers and 2 Lord Discordants enough?

What do you guys think? Can you play a mixed army of shooty infantry, and some vehicles in a competitive environment? I’ve had a lot of success with the army and it puts downfield pressure on your opponent very quickly, but a bizarre weakness is armies with “Fly” that hide in ruins/on second floor.

Next up is a variant of the above list with a twist… so technically it is NOT a Soulforged Detachment because it uses:

The above dual Batallion (in all my lists), 1 Lord Discordant, Abe, Oblits, Havocs, and a Dark Apostle giving -1 to hit to a Kytan. It’s a pretty thin list in that it only has the one T8 model. Is the Kytan worth it’s excess of 400 points?

The problem with this list is I gotta paint this guy up!

Next major consideration is: Custodes!

  • Very low CP.. pure Custodes including Trajann, Biker Captain, 4 Bikes, 10 total Custodians (troops), with an Imperalis banner 2 Telemon Dreadnoughts! Plus an Assassin.
Trajann Valoris, “Prot paints us too slow!”

The problem with this list? I hardly know how to play it properly, and…oh yea, there’s the problem of having to finish painting one Telemon, and START painting another Telemon…. and 2 Bikers…. and bases… yeesh. As I type this I just realized I needed to put together 2 Custodians with Shields. That’s a LOT for one week of work.

Who needs lots of models when you have….. Gooooooold!

One of my few test games was against a very tough Genestealer Cult army. It’s hard to say if I knew what I was doing, but the telemons can help.

This was a lot of work because I magnetized all the arms.

So what you see is something I did with most of my evening; put together and magnetize a Telemon and some arms.

And finally; Ultramarines.

Why would I add these guys to the mix? They certainly aren’t that competitive, and I would still have to paint. That’s a good question, and my answer to you is…. I know them. I can turn narrow defeats into narrow wins with this army just because I’ve played them against so many good opponents.

Aside from the odd tabling… I do quite well with Ultramarines!

I had two recent test games and I don’t seem to do well with my playstyle and Guilliman so I’ve gone back to this weird list that kind of works for me:

Calgar, Vicitrix Guard, LT (Indomnitus Crusade WL trait), Tigurus, 3 Las Cent Devs (or Assault Cents), Scouts, 10 man Intercessors (Indomnitus Crusader Vets), Landraider, Repulsor (carrying:), 3 Aggressors, Apothecary, Ancient. Assassin.

“Talk to the Fists Heretics!”


What a mess. The Paint list for an event in 1 week is a bit crazy. Maybe that should be my determining factor?

The Black Legion might be the ‘easy’ choice because I have the least to paint. The problem is the lists and the size of the army. I might get into time issues. I really don’t know. I also can’t decide between the Soulforged Pack, and just running a single Disco Lord with a Kytan.

The lazy side of me wants to just go Custodes. This may sound cheesy, but it’s a small army. Easy to carry, easy to move models. I really don’t know if I can paint a Telemon, 2 shield Custodians, and 2 Bikers and base the army in one week. lol

In the middle is an army I know but probably will get beaten pretty badly at an event like this. (Should it matter? I know I’m not winning a darn thing anyway.) I’d have to paint about 5 Infiltrators, and a finishes on vehicles.

I’ve worked the most on Black Legion lately so that’s how I’m leaning, but I do really enjoy the Custodes background, and playstyle (elite armies always appeal to me.) I plan on deciding by this weekend if I can pull it off, I’ll see if I can attend the event. All of this would have to be done around work so maybe it’s a pipe dream?


  • I’d say use the Ultramarines – I always love reading what you do with those staunch guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks. People often tell me that… I don’t know why. Locally Ultra’s are… ‘disliked’ but people seem to enjoy when I play mine. I have a feeling I would be VERY lucky to get a 50% win ratio with what I have from Ultramar.

      • Its definitely a joy to see your boys in blue, and read about you experiences with them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know that its an uphill trip towards a proper win ratio in the tournaments.

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