Prot’s Black Legion for 8th Edition

Here we go…. and this is way overdue but it’s a HUUGE image dump. It’s time for some Black Legion. I finished these guys quite a while ago but just needed some time to post this up. I think Chaos is deceptively time consuming to paint . Let’s have a look at what I’ve done so far.

Black Legion featuring Abaddon. Let’s kill some Imperials!
My Red Lord Discordant and two Venom Crawlers ready to start the hunt.

I did a red (Warlord) and blue Lord Discordant just to differentiate between the roles of the two HQ’s. These guys are a ton of fun with any Daemon Engine units. Speaking of…

Master of Possession. These guys don’t re-po cars…. they’re after much more!

Goats heads? Check. Horned skulls on a stick? Check. Skulls on fire? Check.

Don’t let their bathrobes fool you, these guys are dirty. I use them to support all forms of Daemon unit in the Black Legion and they make a lot of sense with their unique Maelific Psychic powers. The tactical depth you can get into with these guys warrants their own article to be honest. I differentiate the ‘buffs’ with the blue psyker, and the offensive buffs with the red psyker.

Chaincannon Havocs.
Lots of Pew Pew going on here.
A second Havoc squad with Lascannons.

I finished both of these squads with the intent of taking them to a tournament. I confess they’re a lot more work than I thought they’d be. I think there’s a tendency to think ‘black’ figures are a breeze to paint and while they can be, I think you need the extra effort to make them pop off the table and not blend into the background of a table.

The Havocs are another amazing new sculpt by Games Workshop.

Below is some in progress shots of the army. (Nearly finished in most cases)

“Blue” Lord Discordant
I almost forgot about Harkaan World Claimer!
Some Obliterators!

I hope this has made up for some of the gaps in my updates. This has been a ton of work and it continues.

I hope to have some shots of Abaddon coming soon.

Thanks so much for checking in the blog. Until next time……



  • Awesome work Prot, great to see your progress. Black Legion, like Ultramarines, is one of those high visibility legions/chapters that I never had much interest in, but that has had really a lot of life breathed into it over the years, obviously most so with Vigilus II. What’s your BL list look like these days? Annnnd how ’bout them batreps ;D

    • You’re right, I’m way behind on Batreps. I’ve been playing a ton of games since Shadow Spear came out and not reporting many of them. I need to get back to that. Thanks for the compliment. I’ll hopefully have some more soon. šŸ™‚

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