New Chaos Reveals: What does it mean for “Chaos” Old and New?

So a bit of a personal dilemma and I’m figuring I can’t be the only one.

I have a fair amount of Crimson Slaughter. Some of it so old I wouldn’t want to use it, but a good amount of it I just don’t feel like repainting.

Even stuff as basic as the Landraider I did here:

So could I paint something better than this today ? Sure. Do I want to redo all the stuff I’ve done already? By Krannon’s broken horns, no!

This caused me to look at the GW Community page and reread their copy for clues.

In the Chaos forces, the Master of Possessions is a sinister sorcerer versed in the forbidden art of using hosts of living flesh to house daemonic spirits. Armed with an array of spells that aid Daemonic allies and corrupt his enemies, the Master of Possessions is a terrifying force on the battlefield.

And they’re of course referring to this guy:

The past boxsets have included “characters” but aside from a proper name, they appear to have all been generic. My hope is that whether you’re Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, Crimson Slaughter, or whatever that we can all use every one of these new units.

For those that don’t know the Crimson Slaughter have a great blend of close combat and Psyhics. It’s suggested they are taunted by Khorne and Tzeentch whom (willingly or by chance) have both had a hand in their turning to Chaos. The voices still haunt them, which brings me to being… possessed. The Crimson Slaughter have  fairly aggressive “Possession” numbers.

I painted up these guys to keep in the spirit of Crimson Slaughter.

Sure they show their age, but they worked as Crimson Slaughter, and I would love to think the new stuff is going to port over to all the existing CSM chapters/Legions. Having new possessed for Crimson Slaughter (for example) would be great, not to mention the Master of Possession above.

Speaking of daemonic possession:

The community website does give us some minor detail on this guy:

A new class of Daemon Engine, the Venomcrawler is a skittering horror that provides withering infernal fire support. This thing is so saturated in the taint of the Warp that its presence thins the veil of reality itself, allowing Daemons easier access to realspace.

This is good news, not just for Word Bearers, but anyone who likes the idea of summoning but finds the current mechanics too clunky and awkward. Right now you require a character to stand still on the turn you wish to summon. Plus you have to roll dice and as we know the dice gods are fickle. This guy may take a lot of the awkward mechanics out of it, and possibly do some respectable damage on his own. (What a great model too!)

These guys look fantastic and would fit most chapter/Legion looks and colour schemes nicely.

I have to wonder what the plan is with these new marines (shown above). They look like troops, but do the accessories allow for them to be Havocs? Or are we stuck with the old stuff? Perhaps in coming weeks this could change?

And finally (for now) we have a reveal that would make any Iron Warriors Warsmith blush in anticipation.

What happens when you throw a Helbrute, a Terminator, and a Possessed marine in a blender? You get this awesome new Obliterator. Will they come with any new rules? Hopefully we find out later this week.

Until then, my good ol’ buddy Krannon and friends will have to wait in limbo! Here’s hoping we have some more reveals soon. Apparently the entire contents of Storm Spear are all new sculpts.

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