Games Workshop Vigilus Campaign Reveal: Calgar goes Primaris and so does the Victrix Guard. (Some Black Legion as well!)

I’m super excited by this, and I know it’s a very contentious issue in our hobby but we all have to understand; the hobby has to grow. To quote the most hated of Xenos scum… it’s for “The Greater Good”.

Love or hate Primaris this weekend Games Workshop revealed what their teaser video had hinted at. Marneus Calgar would step through the valley of death and come out the other side wearing a new body of Primaris design.  Let’s have a look at:

Primaris Marneus Calgar


Calgar got an upgrade, but did the mighty relic Gauntlets of Ultramar?

First let me dive into the observations I make on this new design of an old hero:

  • My first concern was deep strike: Does he have? I would say yes as his back pack is modified with vents that seem to mimic an assault marine. What does this mean? I have to assume he can Deep Strike, and have movement somewhere between 10-12″. The good news is he can keep up with my Inceptors now!  EDIT: It is apparent now that he indeed does not have a Jump Pack, but the vents do seem to indicate a deep strike potential. (fingers crossed).
  • This backpack leads to more questions. Will we see more of this design? Perhaps on the backs of an Aggressor-like unit. Also, does this mean Calgar can ride in a Repulsor? We’d like to assume the answer is YES with the 2 model space requirement of a similarly shaped Aggressor. Let’s hope so anyway.
  • The Gauntlets of Ultramar. Are they upgraded as well? We’ve seen Cawl do some fancy stuff with Plasma (Hellblasters), so is there a chance the relics of Roboute Guilliman will get an upgrade? The reality is they are a touch underwhelming. As I write this they are held back by a simple D3 damage stat. A bit undesirable considering the bolter mount is also a basic infantry gun.
  • Points. This is a touchy subject right now. Marines in general are not competitive. In fact tournament wise they are nearly at the bottom of the list and most ‘marine’ armies go out of their way to use anything BUT Marines in their lists (scouts being the favourite by a mile.) With Chapter Approved around the corner the points of “Prime Calgar” will tell us what direction GW wants to go with Marines, and characters in our games.

Next up the Elite and  noble warriors, hand picked by Guilliman after his resurrection in 999.M41 to act has his personal entourage of butt-kickery:

The Primaris Victrix Guard:


After I fist thee, I shall clang upon your melon the most beautiful of shields.

Check out those shields! I want one for the hood of my car! Wow you gotta hand it to GW this is a gorgeous kit.

Some observations:

  • The Victrix in the video -seem- to only have the sword option. There must be a banner, and an axe? Or are we looking at keeping the Ancient from the Dark Imperium Box?
  • Lack of apparent options aside, the kit must fix one thing: Go and grab your codex and see how the Guard currently work. There’s one reason I don’t use these guys; they are terrible at actually guarding anything of particular value. Tau drones, and Deathguard Deathshroud are far superiour body guard mechanics. GW MUST rework the body guard rule that Victrix currently have to be useful in game. Right now they absorb a single damage point and will most likely die far sooner than their equivalents from other armies. Their evil counterparts can actually absorb an entire lascannon damage result for example. A far superior mechanism.
  • Thank you GW for keeping the amazing eagle masks. I would like one to wear to work on Mondays… definitely.

This is all part of something bigger I have been VERY vocal about on the Bolter and Chainsword forums: BRING US A REAL CAMPAIGN! This has the potential to be a very big year for 40K and Games Workshop. I’ve played 40K for many, many years and to this day my fondest memories are of those old campaigns like the Eye of Terror Campaign.  I could write several posts about what they did right in those days, but suffice to say we NEED this campaign to be better than the rather rigid, and unyielding Fate of Konor Campaign.

But wait there’s more…. We see throughout the video a hint at new Black Legion. Abaddon is coming, Nihilus is a big thing and the gatekeeper to Terra happens to be Vigilus. Abaddon seems to have sent a champion to confront any and all who stand in the way of his goals:

Black Legion Raptor/Lord/Lieutenant with Jump Pack

Calgar Primaris vs Raptor king

I see your spear and raise you one Fist! Two Ancient warriors face off on Vigilus.

Some observations:

  • Obvious designation is Black Legion Chaos Marine. But what we don’t know for sure is his force organization designation. He could be a Lord, or Leiutenant. Perhaps an Elite choice to empower the (currently) lethargic Warp Talons? This could get interesting.
  • This model could act as a Librarian with some work. It’s definitely a spear in his left hand which could be modified to become a Force Stave. His right hand is engulfed by a large, ornate, fist encrusted power claw.  What would his stats be like? We could assume the Spear is a heavier hitting weapon, perhaps like Custodes it will do a higher strength attack, with re-rolls when he charges. The claw would be a greater amount of attacks, or perhaps without penalty to hit, and re-roll to wound (like current claw rules.)
  • The only thing that’s getting tricky with some of these new models is he looks like a total nightmare on the table, but a nightmare to transport as well. I foresee a future of Games Workshop tables with a great many broken spikes adorned with skulls.

What’s next?

This all has me very excited. I am painting my second Primaris Ultramarine army over the past 2-3 months and this is all the motivation I need. I find it very hard to repaint an entire army you just sold, and it’s been hard playing Ultramarines in the current meta. Maybe this is the dawn of a new era… at least for a little while?

The Vigilus Campaign will give us a lot and I’m equally excited to see how Chaos grows, model wise and rules wise over this period. There’s already hints and pictures of the new Noise Marines (Slaanesh). We know Abaddon is sorely in need of a new body as much as Calgar was (if not more!)

Also it is heavily hinted in the current, 8th edition, Chaos codex that Fabius Bile is enjoying his experimentation with captured loyalist Primaris. One would have to guess this is going to see a new breed of Chaos. Bigger, meaner, nastier than before. Will we see them in this campaign? Perhaps a new “Chosen” model line would be appropriate for Fabius’ efforts?

For now I’ll leave this post with a few close ups of these amazing new models, enjoy:


That new Marneus Calgar pose just flashes me back to Joe Dirt:


Pre-Primaris Calgar.

Calgar Primaris close up

“And I gotta back up Mic, right here!” – Post Primaris Calgar.

The lovely new Victrix:

Primaris Vicatrix Guard Prot

Don’t scratch the paint, it’s nice and Primaris Fresh.

Let’s not forget the menacing Warp Talon Lord/Champion:

Black Legion Raptor King

“Huzzah!” Party Pooper coming in hot.

It will be interesting to see what the Warmaster will dedicate to this endeavor on Vigilus. How much of a say will our Campaign games have? How flexible with the campaign be? What side will you choose?

Thanks for checking this out!



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