Hobby Update: Deathwatch Vehicles and Reivers

So the fun with Kill Team continues and it inspires me to flesh out the larger Deathwatch force.

I’m not sure how competitive Deathwatch really are but it does make me realize that if you do enjoy playing Primaris marines, then the Deathwatch really do it quite uniquely, if not more efficiently then their Codex Astartes brethren.

I managed to get a Corvus Blackstar done with some chipping work:

Corvus Blackstar2

Covus ready for action.

The old limited codex came with a unique transfer set that had these great quotes. I put one on the front of the corvus perhaps you can see it here:

Corvus Blackstar.JPG

“Hatred Steels Our Resolve”

Moving on we have the Repulsor and a Razorback:

Repulsor Rhino Side

The Razorback is always usable to reduce drops in a game, or hide those characters when  need be. I tried to keep both of my vehicles flexible for gaming situations:


Repulsor Rhino Rear

It’s good to have options….

Repulsor bits

Lots of Repulsor Options.

The Repulsor has a press fit, swappable Lastalon/Heavy cannon. The top turret is press fit swappable as well, and the side guns are magnetized for Frag / Stormbolter options!

Prots Reivers

And the Kill Team inspired pack of Reivers ready to roll.

I also took this opportunity to finish a classic model…. Artemis. I actually still think he’s pretty viable. Anything with access to mortal wounds is good, especially for Deathwatch.

Artemis Back


Artemis and the classic hero pose.

That’s a pretty large painting update for me. I have started in on some more Primaris, and tried to do up some Storm Bolter Vets. The army is looking fairly close to reaching “eBay’ status! Stay tuned. I hope to have my quick batch Deathworld Forest pics up soon.


Thanks for checking it out.




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