More Deathwatch! More Kill Team! No More Orks please…

Well lots more games of Kill Team were played this week. We are rolling out a campaign locally which should see a colourful mix of ALL KINDS of XENOS for my Deathwatch to exterminate… or get exterminated by.

I’ve been working hard on expanding the team so I thought it would be cool to share some shots of my team, and some of the games I played.

Fair warning some of my team members are based on friends’ Space Marine armies whether they be local, or from the UK or friends from the Bolter and Chainsword forums.

I’d like to start with the leader. A friend who made an Ultramarine variant of yours truly for his Deathwatch and so it happens I was working on his variant for my Kill Team:

Kill Team Leader “Wes” Zakeil. A Dark Angel with something to prove and the big shiny sword to prove it with!

KT Leader 1

I used the Dark Angel LT model to make my KT leader.

And here is the team together again to take on some Orks today:


This was going to be my roster for the Campaign but I think I need to change some things.

The roster looks good on paper but I’m having trouble surviving and doing the damage necessary. Multi damage weapons are HUGE in Kill Team; invest in them where you can.


Here are the primary gunners of the Kill Team.


Some of my faves to work on; the Reivers from Ravenguard.

Kill Team DW

Another shot of the team.

I quickly shrunk the roster down to 100 points for an Ork game. I had just lost to Nids so this would be interesting. Orks felt similar, but less shooty. I went with my typical team, but I felt I was caught up too soon in assault….

Grenade launcher

Demo Gunner with Grenade Launcher looks to cut down some greenskins!

So I couldn’t really say I’ve had success with my Grenade launcher. On paper I thought he’d be amazing. About 5 games in with him I have to say I’m not able to capitalize. I think I should be using the Krak grenade more often. The Frag shell just doesn’t do the damage.

Vs Orks

My deployment… already some Orks are sneaking in.

Vs Orks

So this was the scene by Turn 1! You couldn’t fart without hitting an Ork. By Turn 2 this would be a lot greener. I was severely outnumbered and couldn’t get breathing space.

I was largely overwhelmed in T2. I just could not break free of Close Combat. But I will say my Black Shield was a superstar. He is able to lay wounds across multiple assaulters and is fairly resilient, however I kept rolling a ton of 1-3 on the damage table against multiple Orks. While this means the Orks are far less efficient in close combat it also means my gunners were tied up in an eternal wrestling match with green men.



A Multiplayer Scrum gets ugly. Everyone to the middle!

I actually remembered to take one shot of this multiplayer game. My Leader was working with the Black Shield (rival chapter strategum) to maintain a huge hitting percentage.  While the Power Sword is strong, it really needs some sort of help to wound any T4 foes. Luckily Deathwatch have those tools.

The Orks proved to be brutal in any Kill Team game I play. A cunning Ork is rare, but beware, they come in hordes and soon your elite forces are all but tied up.

My best laid plans were soon thrown to the wind as the game changed immensely:

Best Laid Plans vs ORKS

Ravenguard Duz and Race consider their options.

And while my close combat didn’t work too well against orks, I think my shooting wasn’t much better….

Best Laid Plans vs ORKS 2

Ace vet Honda of the Black Templars is not a complicated man, but he understand the Ork mind.

So the games didn’t go super well. In fact so far I’d say my Deathwatch are giving me the most issues.

Now with that being said, I confess my teams have been too top heavy for Deathwatch. The common Frag Cannon is darn good. Also the Strategems are very good in the box set. I kept forgetting the best ones!

That leads me to my next post… I’ll be reviewing all the contents, including the terrain, and actual gameplay of the Strategems (I’ve played some more games since these pics were taken.)

So until next time, thanks for checking this out.






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