Kill Team Update: Meet the Death Guard Warband of the Decadent Decay (Plus AdMech)

Today’s the day I finished the first of my latest Death Guard army. These guys stink a little, but not on the tabletop!

The Warband of the Decadent Decay are here for some Kill Team action.

Meet the crew:

KT Decadent Decay

They’ve had a few adventures already. Let’s check out the crew.

KT Chorlag the Resilient

Chorlag is the leader, and fond of his Plasmagun and Plaguesword. If one doesn’t melt you, the other will.

KT Zmither Eyenor and Skrapnor

These are the main crew. Eyenor the Unseeing loves carrying the Icon… pretty much everywhere.

KT Skratheon Vonomuss and Trothe

Then we have the heavy lifters. Some serious weaponry (and indigestion) here!

KT Zog Kepsule KooRee

Finally we have the poor buggers that belonged to a grocery chain union on the moon of Festor VII. They’re really good at pep talking the other Poxwalkers.

There’s the team for now! Hope you enjoy, and there’s always more to come.

KT Chorlag the Resilient and Eyenor the unseeing

Eyenor the Unseeing and Chorlag singing off with a toot.



Probably not worthy of their own post yet, I wanted to challenge myself to finish some Adeptus Mechanicus I had hanging around for Kill Team. One thing lead to another and I thought… why not do an entire squad?


So I gave my self “2 painting sessions” to complete the squad. It took 2 plus about 2 more hours to complete. I could only complete one base, and I feel like these guys are good to go:

Admech challenge Infiltrators

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