Kill Team Update: Death Guard and Ultra

Painting isn’t finished on the Death Guard nor the Ultramarines, but I did manage to get some more games in, with more planned today:

Here’s basically our table set up. We had quite a few games going but unfortunately we couldn’t rotate players simply because of timing of the games.


A basic Kill Team game board set up using all the terrain in the basic box set, plus some crates, and the Emperor’s wishing well!


The Ultramarines set up a lot more defensively than Death Guard.

The Ultramarines did well with a very different feel than the Death Guard. Ultra’s do best steering their opponents, staying at a distance, and counter charging with Reivers.


This Reiver Sarge was key to holding the tide back…. he was a beast.

The Reiver (Fighter: Combat Specialist) was in pure beastmode. He nearly fell, and his ability to negate up/down movement with his Grapel Hook was huge to allow him a big charge. He did take a flesh wound, but a few key Command Point Re-rolls kept him at one Flesh Wound the whole game. He ended up taking down 3 of these Gaunts and the Genestealer.


The Leader of the Hive Mind Kill Team was brutal, and would not die…

This was the scene by Turn 3. Tyranids are actually quite flexible, and their speed with the way charging works is good, combined with lots of chaff for blocking line of sight makes for a very dangerous team. Warriors shooting in this game were strong, but the Tyranid Leader felt unkillable.

Three times the Ultramarines had this beast down, but a Command Point Re-roll prevented his death. In turn he kept hacking and slashing, but undoubtedly his grievous wounds caused him to lash out wildly, having tremendous difficulty wounding the Primaris Marines and Leader.

Ultramarines ended up with a win, but not in points. The Nids were winning the Scenario which had them breaking my lines for 2 points a model. When the flood broke through I was sure the Ultra’s were done for, but instead the Emperor’s finest managed to get the Nids to break.



The Death Guard Kill Team minus the Great Unbathed (Poxwalkers x 3!)

My nearly finished Death Guard had a scary game as well against the Nids. The Blight Launcher was horrid. I don’t know if it was the runny nose, or the fever, but the Gunner absolutely could not wound anything and was eventually over run by Nids.


The true superstar was the Fighter with the Flail. Those chains drank deep the blood of many Nids.

Poxwalkers managed to do their job and I forgot to try for Grandfather’s Blessing in this game BUT I did get off Nurgle’s Gift which netted me one free Poxwalker by chewing the arm off of a Gaunt and infecting him. (Talk about a strange looking Poxwalker… with hooves!)


In the end the heavy flamer (Plague Spewer?) was key.

The Lord/Leader was terrible this game, but he didn’t die so there’s that! The Flail paired with Poxwalker screen was big, and so was the flamer. I did take an Icon however the Nids are fearless until their Synapse is nearly depleted.

But in this game the Death Guard were nearly over run until the flail emptied out a big pocket of Nids.

A very fun set of games. It’s incredible how diverse this Kill Team game rule set is. There’s a bit of everything and every model is important. I’m seeing Kill Teams of all sorts of design and races that work.

I hope you’re getting your Kill Team on, it’s an excellent taste of 40K on a small scale!

Thanks for checking this out.


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