Kill Team: Where Primaris Actually Work!

I was really anxious to revisit Kill Team; the original was a big hit here and the idea that GW is making this a regular gaming system that will have continued support is very exciting.

Like most of you I went through the main rules, slapped my  terrain together (what a great kit) and made several Kill Teams!

I had Thousand Sons, Death Guard, and Ultramarines ready to go.

KT Ultras assemble

Ultra’s Assemble!

I really wanted to get the Ultramarines going again and I did some quick finishing touches on some figs and slapped a team together.


Death Guard new colour scheme in progress….

The Death Guard got a game in too which was seemingly very strong. The Death Guard used the ‘Grandfather’s Gift’ at the beginning of the game which for 2 CP can always threaten to kill the recipient, but on a 2+ roll, your recipient adds 1 to their To Hit and To Wound rolls. This made my Blight Launcher Gunner very happy. Also worth mentioning was a Heavy Flamer (Plague Spewer?) was extremely effective, as most of the Death Guard are continually moving forward anyway.

KT Ultra deploy

Ultramarines are ready for the heinous Genestealer Cult.

Ultramarines were fantastic. I really enjoyed being able to use Primaris marines and not have to feel like their inefficiency was costing me in the game. It’s refreshing to find in this format that the Marines feel usable over all, and not the bottom feeder role that they currently reside in with 40K.

The ‘flesh wound’ mechanism is interesting and results in your model having a degraded ability, but with the Primaris you have a chance (at a cost of course) of avoiding that issue a bit longer.

And a unit I really don’t like (functionally) in 40K is the Reiver. But I love the models and was pleasantly surprised at how cool, and effective they were.

KT Ultra Reiver Sarge.JPG

The Reiver Sargent was in absolute Beastmode!

Sure my dice were hot, but the Reiver’s blade was soaked in Xenos blood. He raked through 2 Genestealers and other plebs mulling about this overrun Imperial City. I had two reivers in the list, and they were potentially the funnest units in my team.

Ironically I lost my leader in my Ultra game which was kind of funny, but luckily you can function without one.

KT Ultra 1

Ultramarine Kill team Ollesius: Victorious VS. Genestealer Cult.

I would guess Deathwatch still have the edge and I have a large Deathwatch army that I can put into action, but it was a refreshing change getting the Ultra’s back in action.

As a final note to this post I’d just add that the Terrain is the unsung hero of the 2 player Box. It is a lot of kit for the money and the scale is superior to thee old City Fight terrain. The levels measure 5″ each making it plausible for Carifexes, Guilliman, etc to actually move into this type of terrain! I can’t wait to use this stuff for regular 40K.

I hope you are getting a chance to explore Kill Team. It’s pretty fun, can’t be taken too seriously and has a nice simple, but addictive quality to the mechanics.

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