Dominus Class Castellan Knight Painted… Finally!

After weeks of procrastination, he’s finally done. He’s not entirely glued together but who cares! Here he is in all his Volcano Cannon Glory!

Castellan Full Front Size Comp

The Grey Knight terminator is posted for size comparison.

It’s funny how the body is essentially the same, and it’s really just the chassis of this Knight that make it feel appreciably bigger.

Castellan Full Front

I did magnetize the 3 turret locations for build flexibility.

Castellan Side Plasma Decimator.JPG

To overcharge or not… that is the question.

In my test games I get a lot of mileage with the House Raven stratagem and the Plasma Decimator! (Which is almost always swapped out for Cawl’s Relic Pattern.)

Castellan Side Volcano

Oh I had fun painting the Volcano Lance. What an impressive weapon.

The Volcano Lance took a lot of time but is quite easy to paint. I am working on a quick tutorial now.

Castellan close1

Weapons bristling, this guy plays like he looks; capable of leveling a city without breaking a sweat!

Although time consuming, this is a really fun kit from Games Workshop. The Dominus Class Knights are both impressive to me, but this Volcano Lance is what really draws me to this model.

Next up: I hope to have the pictures up for a guide on the painting of the Volcano Lance.

Thanks for checking this out.


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