Prot’s Crazy ITC Death Guard Project: Part 1

The crunch is on. I had a lot of ideas, and potential armies to take to an ITC tournament, but reality sunk in this weekend as I realized I could not finish ANYTHING I have to a standard I would be happy with.

So I thought about what I have a chance of finishing… what do I have an understanding of playing in an ITC environment?

Unfortunately as well as I’ve been playing my Custodes, there’s a greater chance of the Emperor getting off the throne than me finishing them (again) for a tournament.

Enter Death Guard! The crazy road to ITC begins. THREE Weeks to go!

  • The Mortarion Factor:


The List is not set in stone; however, the reality is I have limited time and while I’ve played a lot of my Deathguard, I don’t have a lot of success, or know-how when it comes to Mortarion.

Mort + Bodyguard top

Enough of the fart jokes, let’s do some killin’!

I have had ‘good’ success with Mortarion, and I recently finished painting him so I have to take the guy to the event. Unfortunately as much as I love his personal bodyguard (pictured above), I can’t fit them into 1750 AND have a Daemon Battalion fight along side my Deathguard.

  • The Daemon Factor:

What a mess. I have no idea what I’m doing with the Nurgle Daemons. At 1750 I can’t include a lot of them, but their cheapest stuff is indeed cheap. But there’s a cost to this which may include my sanity….

  • I just bought 2 boxes of “Start Collecting Nurgle Daemons”, and a box of Nurglings to round out the basics.
  • I may need to pick up a Daemon Prince model. No idea if the list requires it or…


  • The Poxwalker Factor:

I think the FAQ may have hit this unit too hard. Its starting number should increase from 20 to 30 or 40, but as it stands I keep reducing my Poxwalkers. Still testing this.

Blightbringer Poxwalker 4

I won’t have room for some of the funner elements: Tallyman, Plaguemarines (limited), etc will all have to be trimmed to make way for Daemons and Mort at 1750 points.

  • The Final Tally(man):

I have to test the list a few times, but time is running short. I’ll have to be pretty efficient with my time going forward so changes to the list will have to be pretty final.

I had two test games with this list against Custodes and Necrons. The Custodes can give an incredible whoopin’ to 99% of the Deathguard. It really was surprising, but the Necron game did not really give me much feedback as I felt the Necron list was a little too light… more geared towards a fun playstyle without enough regard to killing potential.


ITC DG vs Crons

Mortarion guides the Death Guard in an ultimate battle of resilience.


Finished some Blightlords though: (won’t be in tournament thanks to GW FAQ)

DG vs Allarus


More updates and test games to come….


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