ITC tournament time Part 1: How’s my Adeptus Mechanicus Looking?

I really love the background for Adeptus Mechanicus, not only in the 40K universe but dating back to pre-heresy (I’m speaking fiction though, because I never played the Heresy era game.)

But I’ve found them an extreme struggle in the competitive scene in 8th edition. But the hobbiest in me also enjoys the models… most of them anyway! (Assembling some of these guys can be a pain.)

Anyway with an ITC tournament around the corner (Less than 30 days as I write this), I have VERY little time to finish a 1750 point list. So let’s have a look at what I have finished for 8th edition:

Mars Dunecrawler final 2

Dunecrawler ZA116

My First Dunecrawler was actually “Metalica” themed but the Forgeworld did not include Cawl, and I really like Belasarius Cawl, so I redid it above to the Mars theme.

Mars1 Prot 2

Swappable Turret

Although I only have one completed Dunecrawler, he does have a swappable turret, here pictured with the much preferred Neutron Laser.


Ranger squad 1 complete

Tech Priest (upper left), Vanguard and Rangers!

Next up is Rangers. I’ve got 10 of these done, and about 20 Vanguard making up the troops. (Let’s see if I can find another pic). I just realized we can see the Techpriest HQ (new model for 8th) in there as well.)


Let’s move on to something more… ‘jazzy’!


Prot AM Jazz Hands1

Corpuscarii Electro-Priests x 10 (Jazz Hands)

A hair brained idea of mine… get the Wrath of Mars strategem working with 10 of these guys and really they are somewhat survivable by AdMech standards. A fun idea, and sometimes it even works!


Kastelans Grp 1-b

“Take me to your 01101100 01100101 01100001 01100100 01100101 01110010” Insert coin to continue?

I loved painting the Kastelan Robots. (The Ranger is in the middle for scale). I have used these guys many times to varying degrees of success. Although used in mass quantities they are potent, they also make for restrictive list building problems.


Alright… what else??? I guess it’s on to the leaders… HQ I’ve completed:

Tech Priest2

Tech-Priest Engineseer

The Tech Priest was a fun paint job. A decent addition to the codex. A great, clean sculpt.


Prot Dominus 2

Tech-Priest Dominus

Above we have the trusty Dominus. A handy guy with a flat hat, and a sharp axe. He can fix 7 things at once, make coffee, and change the batteries on his gun all at the same time. (Just don’t peek under the robe). Speaking of robes.. time for my favourite…..


ProtCwl Rear1

Belisarius Cawl, the one and only.

prot Cawl front1

Don’t look now but there’s a toolshed under that dress!

Though heavily criticized I thoroughly enjoyed the Gathering Storm series, and Cawl’s role in it. I think he’s a fascinating character, and am shocked that Black Library or Games Workshop has not seen fit to give Cawl his own novel series.

Anyway here’s a force I’d typically field WITH a Knight…. I don’t own all these models but from the pics above you get the idea (some of the Admech are borrowed from a friend):


AM painted


This brings me to other things I can bring to the tournament; namely Knights, Armigers, etc. Are they worth it?


Armiger Skulls group front parts2

My 2 remaining Armigers (two sold on eBay).

I can add these guys as part of a Super Heavy Detachment? My experiment games went poorly with these guys BUT that was Pre-FAQ and to be honest T1 alpha Strikes against this army were a HUGE problem for me.

So I also have one Errant/Paladin Knight on top of the Crusader Knight shown in the army shot above.

As a side note a how-to on the magnetized/painted Armigers is HERE. And my other Knight work so far is HERE. And a video featuring the 4 Armigers I completed is HERE.

So what I have that I could add to this army:

  • 2 more Onager Dunecrawlers
  • 5-10 Sicaran Infiltrators
  • 5-10 more Electro Priests (could be Fulgrarite varient)
  • 4 More Kastelans! (Yes 4 more on top of the 2 completed in this post… ready for magnets this time!)
  • 2 More Knights. (New in box. So the build is optional)

Things I have in Progress/nearly compete:

  • 3 Sydonian Dragoons
  • 3 Kataphron Destroyers (magnetized and 95% compeleted!)

I can add just about anything really the question is time. What do you think? Is there a valid 1750 points using Mars/Knights for an ITC event that won’t have me picking up my models in T2 every game?

The FAQ does help. Obviously Psyk is always an issue for Admech but I do own the Assassin line too. (if necessary)

This was post 1 of my possible candidates for the Tournament! Thank you for checking it out.



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