Death Guard: Dark Crusade pics, and a look at the Crusade short story novel.

This isn’t all of them, but the overall look has come quite far, and I wanted to get the stinky gang together for a few photo shots:

Prot DG character group shot1

The Plaguecaster, Blightbringer, and Tallyman keep the masses functioning for Mortarion and Typhus.

Well here’s some of the infantry gang including the freshly completed Blightbringer, Plaguecaster, and Tallyman in the back. Together they keep the Death Guard a well oiled, stinky machine.

Prot DG character group shot2

Poxwalkers and Plague Marines roam the streets in hopes of finding Ultramarine stragglers.

I’d recommend Crusade as a book, or audiobook if you want motivation for painting this type of thing.


I read this, and then ended up buying the audiobook. I’d say it spins off from shortly after the Indomnitus Crusade and the starting story, “Crusade” heavily features Death Guard and of course; Ultramarines.

The book is a great deal. I think it’s meant to give new comers a taste of the current state of 40K since the awakening of a Primarch, and the emergence of Mortarion. Though neither are really featured in this short story, you get a feel for the Death Guard way of war; Poxwalkers, heavy infantry, sorcery, brutal close-combat; it’s all there. It’s nothing too deep but a fun ride, and I think it’s very well priced.

Prot DG character group shot3

One of my favorite shots. Everyone’s doing their thing. Poxwalkers, Plaguecaster, the Plague Marines. Easily one of the stinkiest buildings in the Imperium!

I leave you with some close ups:

Blightbringer Poxwalker 4.JPG

Sribbus Wretch, the Tallyman hard at work.

Blightbringer Poxwalker 3.JPG

The Tallyman with a retinue of Poxwalkers and Plaguemarines on the look out for Ultramarines.

Blightbringer Poxwalker 2

Plaguemarines including the icon bearer, and a mace.

Blightbringer Poxwalker

The Blightbringer guides the Poxwalkers at an alarming pace. A fist clenching champion of Chaos looks on.


Next up; I’m hoping to finish my Death Guard Blightlord Terminators. Talk about detail!

Thanks for checking this out.

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