Death Guard Characters Finally Completed!

I’ve often said with my Death Guard there comes a time to simply call them ‘done’. The line is fantastic but has the most detail on 40K figs I’ve seen to date, and it’s different detail; slugs, tentacles, abrasions, baroque armour, mutations… it never ends!

So with that I decided to call three characters done and add them to the pile of festering plague marines I have in the works:


Prot Blightbringe Plaguecaster Tallyman

Fart blower, Math creep, and Bell dude. or Plague Caster, Tallyman and Blightbringer. Whichever you prefer.


This is as far as I’m going with them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve been honestly tinkering away with these guys over several weeks. Often not touching them for weeks at a time, and then just deciding on a detail. A cloak, or weapon perhaps. Anything to make me feel I was getting closer to a finish line with them.


Prot Blightbringer front1

“Ding-Dong”. Bring out your Poxwalkers.


I used to rely quite heavily on the Blightbringer when Dark Imperium went live and I re-started my Death Guard. But I find the advantage he brings to sometimes be quite negligible. As cool as clanging someone on the head with a bell sounds, it’s not nearly as good as it sounds.


Prot Tallyman 1

Stinky Accountant to the rescue.

Some say math stinks. Well this guy made a career out of stinky math.

The Tallyman is another fun support character. Death Guard are almost too full of these types of choices. As it’s very, very easy to build a list that has a lot of these core support choices, but next thing you know you don’t have enough points to field units on the table to make it all work.

He’s another fun character. The chance of refunding your Command Points at a ‘Tally’ of 7 on two dice, is always welcome for any marine army which is largely CP starved. His ability to re-roll all to hits in close combat aura ability makes him a little easier to take in larger lists.

Prot Tallyman 2

He was a lot of fun to paint. Again the detail on the Death Guard line is really crazy, so if you play as much as I do, you have to move on to the next piece.

Prot Plaguecatser 1

If the stick in his hand doesn’t say “I mean business”, the fart blowing will!


Another intricately detailed model. Insane guts are pouring out of this guy.

My trick to painting these guys is to add some real contrast to the army’s base colours. Otherwise it starts to look like a green blob.

Prot Plaguecatser 2

What I mean by that is is here you can see the greens slowly flow into a myriad of brighter colours from the same spectrum, and I try to keep it bright…. until there is extreme contrast at some points.

There is a fine line between accomplishing this, and going over board (in my opinion) and as a result you can see some very ‘cartoony’ looking colours out there. I try to stop just before hitting that look.

Prot Plaguecatser 3

These wings are a good example. In game these wings look great to me. The maggots are an ‘earthy’ tone but the wings go from a moth-like pale bone-grey into a very wide mix of purples, and extreme pinks with extreme highlighting. I really do like the effect, and the characters really can ‘pop’ on the table top if you pick your battles adding that level of contrast.

But if you go too far, you end up with a Thousand Sons looking army! Or something else entirely.

I really enjoyed painting this trio. A few collected group shots coming up!


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