Armiger Warglaive Knights Completed Models: Going up for Sale.

Well that pretty much says it all. I worked really hard to get these guys done with magnetization and good flexibility.

All 4 Armigers 1

All four Armiger Warglaive Knights keeping the streets of the Imperium safe from the filthy Xenos!

I set these guys up to be sold in pairs. The problem is I really want to keep them!

The more I painted them, the more I just wanted to hold on to them. I kept the paint scheme slightly unique so they could in theory belong to a few different Knight Households!

Armiger inq group front close

The ‘Inquisition check pattern’ as I call it are done as one pair.

Since they are magnetized arms, the weapons are completely adjustable. You can see this pair “inquisitor pair” has a similar carapace pattern.

Armiger Inq group front detached parts

Ready for weapon swapping. The top guns are press fit, the main guns are all magnetized.

This shows you the extent of flexibility. All four (both pairs) were done this way.

Armiger Inq group front parts

Decals for future consideration!

We know the new Knight Codex is coming out very soon. The decals are left off of all 4 models so when we know the House rules coming out, the appropriate decals and marking can be applied, but they are painted in such a way that really even “Freeblade” could be appropriate.


Armiger inq group back close

“Inquisitor’ Pair from the back.

That’s the final shot I have of the “Inquisitor” marked pair. Note the weapons are easily swapped, clicking into place with magnets, or press fitted on the shoulder carapace.

Armiger Skulls group front parts2

The “Skull” pair.

On this second pair, I did a theme on “Omnissian Skull”. I did two variants on the skull for unique markings.

Armiger Skulls group front close 2

The “Skull” pair up close

This pic’s a little bright but you get the idea… these guys mean business.

Armiger Skulls group back shot

Back Shot of the “Skull” group.

And there you have it. They are not up on eBay yet… but I thought I would share the pics! Great models to paint! Can’t wait to see the Imperial Knight codex.

All 4 Armigers 1close

I hope your Armigers are coming along too. I can only imagine what the codex will change for them.

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