Armiger Update: Forgebane Warglaive WIP

Well me and a friend went and split a few boxes. I walked away with 4 extremely questionable units that are causing a lot of debate on the interwebs. He walked away with what could potentially be a meta changing army of angry robots that get a new set of rules within 5 days of me writing this. (As a side note I REALLY hope Necrons don’t turn out to be an immovable block of undying pew-pew again or I’m in real trouble!)

So my 4 Armiger Warglaives look cool. I have to say it’s a perfect mini to fit the Knight line in my opinion. The box is well laid out and came with a cool fiction piece and some artwork:

Forgebane article

Re-animation Protocols? Who needs ’em?!

After putting 4 of these together I realized they were posed extremely similar leg wise. The tops of course have the mobility of any Knight kit, but the lower bodies are extremely stagnant. So I reversed the instructions to get a different look on the advancing legs for some minor but needed variety.

I decided to try for some long term thinking and since we all know there will be full blown kits with Armiger options, I recommend magnetizing the arms. Maybe you can spot them above? If not, let’s zoom in….


Forgebane article Magnet blowup

I got some great advice of a member of the Bolter and Chainsword forums and it just so happened I had the right size magnets on hand. I needed a lot of them… 16 I think, but they were perfect. A simple clip off of the shoulder mounts allows a flush surface to super glue the magnet (I also used a touch of greenstuff). During the assembly of the actual weapon arms there is a perfect slot to simply place the magnets. (see the bottom circle partially cropped off… sorry about that.)

So there we go. I’m nearly done the assembly, but I have to consider the paint scheme. A Mars Aligned house perhaps….Imperial_Knights_Heraldry

The “advantage” of Mars may be that it fits in with Adeptus Mechanicus rules wise a little better. This could be in the form of the newly painted GW Armiger from House Raven:



Or it could be like the Knight I painted up for someone which I believe was House Taranis:


Admech Knight1

I did enjoy that scheme.


The other option is to go off the AdMech grid, and go Imperium aligned similar to what GW showed us in their Knight sneak peak video:

new Comparison with Armigers BIG Knights 2018-03-22

And this would be House Terryn… Lots of options but I’ll probably end up sticking with a Mars variant to keep with my Admech… Cawl wouldn’t have it any other way. Speaking of which I just got a great game in with that beast of a man…er machine:

prot Cawl front1


Battle report coming soon: AdMecch vs. the heinous Tau!


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