New Imperial Knights: Dominus Class Knights. A Quick Look.

Watch out Tau… you may not have the baddest boy on the block anymore. I admit between the 7th Edition Riptides, and Ta’unar suite (which I aptly nicknamed the: KX-iWin battlesuit), I really thought they would always have the hold on common 40K shooty robot designs. But this morning Games Workshop just dropped a preview video on us showing the new Knight (as well as the Armiger).

First up it looks like they are sticking with House Terryn as the poster boy Knight House for the codex. This will be our “Ultramarines”, our “Mars”, etc, for the new codex. I have no doubt that the new codex will feature “House” Traits, and Strategems that will mimic AdMech Forgeworlds, or Marine Chapter Traits.

Let’s finally look at this bad boy:

new BIG Knights 2 2018-03-22

That’s not just a melta nipple, it makes great coffee too!

Right off the hop we can see dual-melta nipples. I’m sure this isn’t technically accurate, but I’m sure it will have the Tau crying bloody murder. Let’s assume these are Twin-Linked Melta guns.

His arms appear to be a new flavour of Plasma, and a fancy Basilisk type gun. Is this plasma arm similar to Cawl’s creation on the Primaris line? It sure looks similar to the Redemptor Dreadnaught Macro Plasma Incinerator. Is there a chance the other arm is a form of “Super Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon“?

new Smoke stacks BIG Knights 2018-03-22

The top mounts look ferocious. We could be looking at a super stubber, or perhaps a form of Autocannon turrets, and what seems to be Deathstrike Missiles.

Check out those smoke stacks… I’m guessing she ain’t the most fuel efficient machine in the galaxy.

new Comparison with Armigers BIG Knights 2018-03-22

Here we get a decent look at the (to be released) Armiger Warglaive Knights. The Dominus Class Knight looms over his smaller wingmen.

In Game:

The Warglaives are coming in quite expensive at 240 points with Melta, and this has received very mixed reviews.

Right now (index variant) a very basic Knight Errant can run you approximately 430 points.

The top end from the Games workshop line (excluding Forgeworld) would include a Knight Crusader which starts at about 512 and runs up to (with shoulder mount) approximately 600 points fully kitted out!

Currently these are not considered overly competitive units. The reality is in the competitive meta a unit of Obliterators used by a skilled opponent can often take one from 24 wounds to zero in one turn. (Throw in a few unlucky 5++ Ion Shield saves and I’ve seen this happen first hand.) That potential reality has a lot of people simply not taking Knights in a competitive meta.

How expensive will this unit be to field? How many wounds will it have? 34-44? Will the new 8th Edition Imperial Knights Codex add survivability in the form of Stratagems or Traits? I guess we’ll see shortly.

My thing with Knights is they are a fantastic, fun model that is extremely difficult to balance. You want to represent all the things we read in the Horus Heresy on the table top. You want to dominate the battlefield with this unit of mass destruction, but somehow make it that your opponent isn’t overwhelmed by an ‘I win’ button.

Close up BIG Knights 2018-03-22

Things die so fast in this edition, and the destructive nature of everything has been turned up a notch. Right now this has the meta chalk full of cheap, moral immune units, controlling the board while very specific, elite units do the killing. Here we are looking at the opposite to that. You may have an army with 6-10 models (including Armigers) which will be responsible for all the objective grabbing, and destruction of your opponent.

I, for one, cannot wait to see how Games Workshop handled Knights for 8th edition! Now to figure out a colour scheme. I think this does cause me to look at various house schemes now, as per my Forgebane Post.




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