Custodes Jetbikes Finished

I’m working hard to finish my Allarus Custodian Terminators and get a tutorial done as well for the metallics. I need to finish them by week’s end so I’m ready for the Forgebane Armiger arrival!

As I’m doing this I managed to revisit the Custodes Jetbikes and finish some details:

Prot Bikes Final1

Finally finished the goldwork, reds, and leathers. Touched up the engine tubes, and some finer work on the hood golds.


Last touch was the tactical screens on the jetbike ‘dashboard’. A little HUD work helps add to the fact we know they’re hunting Chaos… day and night. 🙂

Prot Bikes Final 2 screens

That isn’t Super Mario they’ve got on those screens! Honest.

Prot Bikes Final 2 screens BIG

Hmm.. wait.. maybe it is. I can’t tell. 😉


Hopefully the full Allarus Squad will be up shortly! Thanks for looking.

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