Death Guard Bloat Drone Challenge Completed!

Last weekend (about 5 days ago) I challenged myself to finish a few models from my Death Guard that are a staple in many lists, but mine had been hanging around er… floating around, forever. Prot’s Bloat Drone Challenge!

I gave myself this week so I could do a decent job just grabbing an hour here or there with the intent of using them in a game or two this weekend. Well with a last minute mad rush, I finished them!

Bloat drone challengeGRoup1

I forgot to finish the base trime and I literally just finished these guys within minutes of taking these pictures, but I have a game planned with them tonight.



Bloat drone challenge back 2

Do these turbines make my butt look big?

The fleshy parts are a similar recipe on the Spitter Drones.



Bloat drone challenge Flesh mower

Who doesn’t need a good flesh mowing once in a while?

The Flesh mower variant adds a D6 Strength +2 attack that is sure to make your neighbours jealous with a well manicured (flesh) lawn only Death Guard can provide!

The speed these guys add to Death Guard can catch your opponent off guard. The Spitters advance, spewing away, while this guy plods along and acts as a good counter attach unit.

Bloat drone challenge Flesh mower back

The Flesh Mower skin has a… bloodier look.



I imagined the Flesh Mower to be fueled somewhat by a warp infused, fleshy sack that consumes some of its victims. Thus the bruised, bloodier flesh tones compared to his Spitter brethren.

Bloat drone challenge1

The Fast and the Gaseous. A deadly combo.

We’ll see how they pan out in tonight’s game! Thanks for checking this out.

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