Prot’s Bloat Drone Challenge!

Who plays Death Guard and has a fist full of Bloat Drones hanging around? I would definitely fit that category of being… er bloated on Bloat Drones.

I decided to fire up 2 of the Dark Imperium Bloat Drones, and I wanted to try a mower variant. Now with three of these sitting around I’ve given myself 4 days of spare time to work on these buggers and get them ‘tabletop’ ready!

Here’s my WIP shot:

Bloatdrone challenge2

Sir, could I interest you in a free lawn mowing service? Unfortunately I have no living references from past jobs…

Bloatdrone challenge

Prot’s Bloat Drone Challenge!

So the idea is to get your Bloat on! We all have these guys sitting around and it’s time to finish them. They’re great units on the table top, and I’ve seen people fielding 4+ of these bad, bloated boys.

These two guys in particular have been sitting around forever. That’s day one’s worth of work. I’ve convinced myself if I can pull out the airbrush a few minutes a day, do some washes, do some highlights, these puppies will be table ready in no time. Wish me luck…


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