Forgebane Armiger: Pre-Release Unit Analysis

As I write this we are a few days away from the pre order of Games Workshop’s Forgebane boxed set. This marks the first time we’re going to see the ‘baby knight’ called the Armiger.


Rumour has it this is also coming a week or two before (March 31st?) the Necron Codex releases for 8th edition. (I had two massive armies of these guys… sold them of course.)

So what we know about the Armiger is the following:

Armiger Warglaives are FAST – a 14″ move lets them to close in on enemy targets rapidly, allowing them to unleash hell with their devastating short-ranged weaponry. With Toughness 7, 12 Wounds, a 3+ Save and an ion shield to boot, they’re no slouches defensively, either.

And we have a few details about the unit’s weapon loadout contained in the box (which undoubtedly will be expanded upon in future release of the Armiger.):

Armiger Spear

Armiger chainsword

What this tells us is that this unit is basically a Contemptor Dreadnought on steroids. It’s faster but missing the 2+ save that the Contemptor enjoys as well as the ‘feel no pain’ roll.

It’s important to note as a Super Heavy it will be able to use the solo detachment add on as a solo Super Heavy, or part of the three Super Heavy Detachment units required to get yourself 3 additional Command Points.

Personally I compare it to the Contemptor because we know that it rings in about 200 pts. So knowing the points total for this unit is going to be key.


In this picture we can see my Custodes Contemptor defending a flank from Chaos incursion…

For my Custodes this role is taken by the Contemptor, and the Contemptor combined with a Strategem can use Deep Strike to get in the game. That’s pretty decent.

The other thing to keep in mind is the Achillus Contemptor which rings in at a pretty high value sitting around 245 points:

Contemptor Achillus preview rules testing

These are the test rules released very recently by GW for the Achillus. Basically these two units are fairly comparable. Many would argue this unit itself (at 245 points) is too expensive to be competitive, but I intend on doing one up one day when I can get my hands on the model. (It’s a great, dynamic sculpt!)


All things considered this has me fired up to do some work on my Adeptus Mechanicus. I have struggled with them a lot in 8th edition, and this is a unit that could be a game changer for them. I would like to assume this unit will come in approximately 200 pts. Otherwise it treads on the feet of the Dunecrawler (which is very competent in its role) and the Dragoon. The good news is AdMech can use their strategems to “Rotate Shields” or perhaps extend the Canticles of the Omnissiah.

I can’t decide if I will create a detachment of “Golden” Armigers for my Custodes (there’s a great opportunity on the carapace to do some nice paint work.) or just extend them to my growing AdMech force.

How will you use these? Will they be part of an existing force or will you create a detachment specifically for this unit?

All I know is I have a deal with a buddy who wants the Necrons and I’ll have to decide shortly!


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