The Custodes Project: Post 1

I decided to take a break from some of the mainstream 40K projects I had been on. The Legio or Adeptus Custodes had always fascinated me (read Master of Mankind if you can!) So here’s a bit of some of my very recent work on the Custodes.



Compare these guys with one of my first batches I sold on ebay:



You’ll notice these guys are a little more ‘orange’ with the use of mostly flesh shades. The swords are also darker. I decided to do one more squad for sale…

Custodes Shield Close

The Purple Power weapons seemed unique, and I did enjoy working the blue to purple aspect, and the metals are closer to whites.


Finally (as the first post shows) I decided on this look:

Cust vs UM

(For comparison with my latest attempt at Ultramarines (more on that later!))

Trajan gruop

That leads me to Trajann Valoris. He’s a topic all on his own. The painting decisions with him and ‘redo’s’ were tedious. But I’ll cover the details in another post on him as I am STILL tweaking him!

Thank you for checking this out!


Please feel free to follow me for lighter, quick pic updates on Instagram at ColinMb


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