Something smells funny…a Death Guard history and me. Part 1

This was supposed to be my main project going into 2018. I loved the background and I used to play Death Guard a very long time ago. My best tournament placing was 3rd with these guys but they were never ‘great’ back in the day.

Luckily I found some of my original Death Guard! Check out how I painted them back in the day….

DG Sorcerer Sepsis

That’s my Sorc, and his buddies in all their metal glory (man I don’t miss those old figs to be honest). Back then my idea of a big ‘conversion’ was gluing a Necron Flayed One hand to this poor chap’s elbow. Sadly, my skills in conversion have not improved… one iota.

DG Spawn and Predator

*Beep*Beep*. A Predator tries to get around a poorly painted spawn. Back in the day there was always a chance I’d turn my self into a spawn so you had to have one of these figs on hand at tournaments just in case. For those who don’t know, these old school spawns felt like they weighed about a pound once you included all the super glue and green stuff to hold them together. I’m pretty sure if you put this guy in a sock you could rob a 7-11 with him!


DG Mediocre Unclean

I think you’ve got something stuck in your teeth…. I remember painting this guy and thinking I did a pretty swell job. Wow. This is another truth revealing moment that shows us/me how much we can improve by just painting this stuff over time.

DG Possessed

The answer to ‘Who farted?’ when it came to this crew is… everybody. This was my old possessed squad. Does anyone remember the guy in the middle with the tentacle horns? Who remembers this guy and how you got him?


DG Lord Krozis

Finally I leave you with this guy. He was my invention, a mildly converted Chaos Lord: Krozis! (If anybody played the online shooter Eternal Crusade, I often used my character Krozis as a Death Guard bolter dude. Man I sucked at that game!)


Krozis was a joy. Back then he represented something that you couldn’t do with Chaos (and still can’t to a degree). Back then you could take a character and give him these Veteran skills to represent his “mark” or allegiance or Legion of choice. I made this guy super fast, and his Manreaper was brutally effective. If I recall all those years ago I gave him ‘Calvary’ movement so this stinky flea bitten guy could lope across the battlefield and lop someone’s head off.

I went undefeated in that tournament until the last game and a horrid scenario ended my day. It was the game for first place…. and I faced Tau in a bush line (back when cover mattered) and I had a singular, 4″ crater on my side. Game over man….. game over.

So I’ll leave the flash back with that image. It was my first foray into serious Death Guard. I truly have always loved the infantry of 40K and few did it better than Death Guard.

Next up; my new take on Death Guard.


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